90L+91L take on SAL headOn,

By: vis0, 03:33 GMT je la 15an de septembro 2014

90L refers to the invest off Africa ~201409-04. 91L refers to the invest off Africa ~201409-07....Edouard.
What does all this imagery mean? That sure temperatures where warming up AS 90L & 91L moved over the Atlantic, yet most state TS up-well waters & cool the waters, but i've explained why the opposite happens as TS form near or under the ml-d AOI. Here READ carefully as they are actual temperature & Temperature ANOMALY maps.

Anomaly animation CRED...

ml-d diary invest90L (201409) Edouard 2014

Updated: 13:58 GMT je la 20an de septembro 2014

ml-d accidently brushed...e-PAC Marie might react w/ rI

By: vis0, 04:36 GMT je la 23an de aŭgusto 2014

ml-d had an accidental brushed against**,
(taking off my shoes, i hop hop skipped near it causing my shirt sleeve to brush against it] this means from when this happened ~201408-23'1915EDT (0715pm)
the ml-d is going to go through a rest phase. Now the question is will it be a 24hr reset period or 72 hour reset period. Since the ml-d was not moved i'm guessing 24-48 hours 'cause the sleeve brushed next to 2 (of 5, only 3 are ON) of the ml-d's influencing outpu...

ml-d diary

Updated: 03:04 GMT je la 06an de septembro 2014

areas showing Bertha reacting to ml-d AOIs(i say)

By: vis0, 10:21 GMT je la 06an de aŭgusto 2014

The talk-box pointer (in 1st VID below) points to where the ml-d AOI has its boundary, South to North, 33%,66% & 99%. See graphic of the US of A with the ml-d center represented by a black L over NYC. Inside the inner most oblate area is 99%, between the blue and green oblate areas its 66% and between the green and the brown twisted thickest line ml-d is influencing at 33%.

What do the H stand for in the Map of the world to the left?
Those are Nature's...

ml-d AOI

Updated: 19:40 GMT je la 07an de aŭgusto 2014

Look nothing, WOW!!!, Plant some thinking seeds.

By: vis0, 08:54 GMT je la 05an de aŭgusto 2014

When one thinks the blog is "dead" look & learn at the period of time where nothing seems to be happening.

That's why i really luv one of your WxU members who continuously posts -not to overlook areas where "nothing" is happening-.

 why? (via my 22cents...seemingly foreign 22 cents)
 (one of my teenage years sayings:: "cause when one ignores emptiness (areas of seemingly nothing) one ignores the most".


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Ml-d diary, Bertha (2014)

By: vis0, 06:21 GMT je la 02an de aŭgusto 2014

    The reason i uploaded this period in TS Bertha's movement was to show one of my theories as to the ml-d (weather influencing device).
True slide controls once loaded fully slide slider to view animation faster/slower forwards/backwards

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  One thing i state is that the higher rotating weather entity (as to the present settings it favours higher rotating LOWS as opposed to stronger HIGHS) is that UNDER T...

ml-d diary Bertha 2014

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