air umbrella, am i in trouble!

By: vis0, 23:06 GMT je la 29an de novembro 2014

Air umbrella VERY BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not screaming as using bold to separate  "subject of air umbrella" with a connected part of science that many consider religious) 

i'll try to find a clip of me (cameraman) on The Grube Tube from the 1980s. The Grube Tube was a Public Access show (later leased access) that TO ME had the old LIVE TV show feel with a modern touch as ANYONE could call in and talk about ANYTHING  (includes cursing many t...

being honest does life love unconditional love Galacsics ,peace air umbrella


By: vis0, 23:53 GMT je la 19an de novembro 2014

Image(s) hosted at postimg (free v.) Wanted to "float" (via jscript) the image to the left so one can read and have the graph scroll as you read but forgot most blogs are "allergic" to jscript.

If there is no looong  txt-img above try the 2nd host click img below.

hosted by tinypic

ml-d galacsics sciencious science with a conscience

No TS season SAT replay from me (2014)

By: vis0, 13:55 GMT je la 10an de novembro 2014

the weather channel and/or 2 other WxU members i think still create a stitched animation of the Atlantic Basin TS season recap version.  Besides Sept to October only other images i had where some July images on my pen drive . ITS NOT my usual monthly EAST AFRICA TO ePAC cinemascope type VID, just wATL Basin.

Was to be fully explained in VIDs cmmnts as in the txt in image above, but was too long for youtube.

TS season replay 2014 TS season SAT recap

Updated: 14:00 GMT je la 10an de novembro 2014

An ENSO-Nino cmmnt on tropicalweatherpr

By: vis0, 12:13 GMT je la 08an de novembro 2014

ml-d influencing weather

keepOn TRuck'N gets an F

By: vis0, 18:13 GMT je la 02an de novembro 2014

what a mess ill Earth Global Ckimate Schizo global climate schizo

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